12 Vintage Ads That Will Make You Cringe

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Times really do change; usually for the better. Advertising is often a reflection of society. Here are some vintage print ads that will make you grin, laugh, or roll your eyes.
Take several steps back in time and you’ll see how far we’ve come.
  • 1880s: Kids, cocaine, what can go wrong?
  • 1890s: There's too much wrong with this ad.
  • Early 1900s were a trip.
  • 1905: Baby-face smooth.
  • 1906: Tall enough to see over the bar, old enough to drink.
  • 1950s: At first it's cute. Then it's not.
  • 1951s: Are these the same babies?
  • 1950s: Guess the best things in life do come in cellophane.
  • 1960s: Why?
  • 1964: So much for that All-State Bonus Check.
  • 1970s: I can't even.
  • In case you wondered how social media would be advertised with that vintage touch.

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