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Februrary 5, 2009

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for you and your team’s assistance in the development and production of our broadcast advertising campaigns over the course of the past three years. Your advertising skills and creative energy have proven invaluable as we work to differentiate CBU from its competitors in the region. The radio, and now television, spots you have provided us with have received unanimous positive response while your media planning counsel has ensured that we efficiently invest our advertising budget.

On a personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Richard Lee. You are both consummate professionals who consistently deliver above my expectations. I appreciate that you base your recommendations on sound rationale and research rather than solely on creative instinct or whims as many agencies do. Your staff does an excellent job mediating our relationships with the media companies that run our ads… I sleep better knowing that someone is helping me stay on top of all the details!

I look forward to partnering with you and your team in the future and wish you all of the best!

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Jeremy Zimmerman

Director of Marketing

California Baptist University

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