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Top 5 Ads For Mom

Mother’s Day is a special time for many to celebrate mom, maternal figures, and the impact motherhood has on our lives. It’s common for companies to have campaigns around holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day, but for some brands, Mother’s Day is an opportunity they can’t afford to pass up. Check out our top five favorite ads celebrating mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!


Cardstore – World’s Toughest Job


Teleflora – One Tough Mother


Budweiser – Mother’s Day Tribute: This Bud’s For The Real MVP


 P&G – Thank You, Mom


A little bonus for all the dads out there!


BMW – Mother-in-Law

Want Millennials? Have A Cause

Targeting Millennials is a common goal for many clients. There’s a misconception that the only way to reach them is through digital as if they don’t see billboards while driving or have a mailing address. They may have a tremendous digital presence and be targetable through traditional means. But now matter how you reach them, studies show one underlining factor that converts Millennials into a customer is a company with a cause.

When we say “cause,” we don’t mean a company bringing xyz product or service to customers in an efficient way, or whatever a mission statement reads. That’s not the type of cause or purpose we’re talking about. What we’re talking about comes from a Kantar study finding two-thirds of Millennials and Gen-Zers will buy from a company that’s taken a stand on a social issue through cause marketing or business model.

A Shoe That Fits The Cause

Take for… Continue reading

Post Facebook Apocalypse: Finding New Ways To Engage

Facebook has been extremely busy this year. An update in January saw the Facebook feed move away from brands, advertisers, and influencers, toward a more “friends and family” prioritized feed. The company has admitted to Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential Election, and now Facebook seems to have essentially sold millions of American and possibly UK citizens’ information to help out the Trump and Brexit campaigns. This move has seen many users leave the platform, along with companies and influencers as their organic reach has been decimated.
The question that keeps popping up from friends and colleagues basically asks what the future of Facebook looks like. Our response is simple, yet poses another question; what does your digital future look like?

Why You Must Continue To Grow Your Digital Presence

One of two things will happen; either Facebook will recover or it won’t. The millions of people online are… Continue reading

Does Poetry Have A Place In Advertising

Poetry has disappeared from mainstream America. Liberal artists and intellectuals around the nation may still enjoy it, but the common person has abandoned it for other forms of expression and entertainment. The public doesn’t hold it in the same light as it once did. Now, only a small subculture specializes in it. Poetry has become a wayside art, but that position will give it power in branding. It’s very cliché, yet poetic, that poetry would share the same fate as the legend of the phoenix. 

The Unspoken Similarities Of Poetry And Advertising

Ad-smiths and brands face larger obstacles today, than in the 1970s. The tools have made aspects of advertising and marketing easier, but with ease comes oversaturation. In the ‘70s, the average consumer saw roughly 500 ads a day. Thanks to smartphones, they can see nearly 10,000 today. Consumers have always been intelligent, but when overexposed to one thing,… Continue reading

Dilly Dilly: The Success Of A Tagline

There are a lot of iconic taglines; Just Do It, Got Milk, The Ultimate Driving Machine, You’re in Good Hands with Allstate. What’s rare is when a marketing tagline or phrase becomes part of the lexicon.

Say Whassup To Dilly Dilly

Today, there’s a new phrase on the block and it happens to come from another Anheuser-Busch beer. Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” gained huge success over the past couple of months, bringing audiences a taste of medieval fantasy. The genre has always been around, but never really embraced by the common consumer until HBO’s Game of Thrones gained traction after its third season.

What Is Dilly Dilly?

Nothing, according to Anheuser-Busch InBev CMO Miguel Patricio. In his recent interview with Business Insider, Patricio explains how the phrase is nothing more than a “moment of nonsense and fun,” something that’s desperately needed right now. He also confirms the setting of the… Continue reading

Three Myths About Digital

In the past 20 years, digital has changed the advertising and marketing landscape. There’s been an evolution, and brands that won’t adapt are either extinct or moribund. However, the bottom line basics of marketing and advertising haven’t really changed. The tools may be new but connecting and engaging with the consumer to sell the experience, still applies. When it comes to digital, test the waters and get your feet wet. There’s nothing to fear. If it’s email marketing, online banner ads, mobile, social media, or any other online medium, several myths revolve around digital marketing. 

Myth 1: A Website Is Enough

A common misconception is that having a website means you’re digital. For the most part, your website is a tool for your current customers to use. If you’re a credit union, it’s to handle finances. If you’re a doctor, it’s a way to schedule an appointment. You get the… Continue reading

2018 Tech You Should Be Excited For

Although Apple released two iPhones and Mac made bit of a comeback, tech industry news in 2017 may have been underwhelming for some. It took a few steps backwards after Apple admitted to throttling older iPhones and the haunting security issues and hacks that made headlines throughout the year. If 2017 didn’t satisfy your tech-crave, 2018 should be better.

We’re on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Unsurprisingly, most of the planned inventions are aimed toward entertainment and will fit in our pockets. However, there is a handful that aim to assist in our day-to-day lives.

Paving The Way For Self-Driving Cars

2018 will be remembered as the first real year for self-driving cars. Although they will not be mainstream just yet, Arizona is planned to see real world tests. Waymo will be the first company to test their self-driving cars on public roads with real customers as passengers.… Continue reading

Ending Net Neutrality May Get Stuck in Neutral

The FCC is going to end net neutrality. They will vote to do that on December 14th. What will that do to the Internet? It will mean ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon; will be free to behave badly.


SigAlert: Slow Traffic Ahead

Think of the Internet as an enormous freeway and the vehicles as information that travels on it. Without neutrality, ISPs can create lanes for the vehicles — fast lanes and slow ones. Big companies that cough up more money get to have their website travel in the fast lane. Smaller firms, that can’t afford to pay up, get relegated to the slow lane. A site doesn’t have to be slowed down much to cause the kind of frustration that makes potential customers shop somewhere else.

It gets worse. ISPs could give preferential treatment to a service or content provider they own or… Continue reading

6 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Social Media

We recently attended two social media conferences. One was a Mini-MAC workshop covering the digital experience credit unions can provide members. The other featured our President and CEO, Adrian Hyatt-Ward, as a speaker. Many will tell you the importance of having social media presence; but don’t expand on it in detail.
They tell you it’s how to reach Millennials, but typically leave you in the dark as how to do that. They rarely mention Generation X, yet somehow forget to tell you they spend the most time on it. They say Baby Boomers are showing the most growth on the platforms, yet fail to explain that the increase is coming from accessibility improvements.

They tell you a lot of things, but the reason why they don’t spell it out completely, is because they don’t know. These half-facts are not going to help you convert anyone into a customer. Hopefully, we can clear that up for… Continue reading

Are Newspaper Ads Worth The Paper They’re Printed On?

Printed editions of newspapers are an endangered species. We know that extinction is inevitable but we don’t think it’s imminent. Placing ads in newspapers these days is strategic, tactical and practical. Newspaper ads may be considered old school but at times, old school is smart. Under certain circumstances, with certain products, targeting certain demos, newspapers are still a very effective advertising medium.

Times Have Changed

In the late 17th century in Boston, Publick Occurences Both Forreign and Domestick was published. That is how they spelled it, (it didn’t have a sports section) and it’s considered the first newspaper in the American colonies. Only one edition was published because it was suppressed by the government. Freedom of Speech wouldn’t be carved into law for 99-years. Never-the-less, newspapers caught on and for decade after decade they were the only source of news. That changed with the invention of radio, and changed… Continue reading

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