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The 15 Most Powerful Words in Advertising

Beware of headlines like that.

While doing some unrelated research, we came across an online article using this headline. As an advertising agency, articles like this do grab our attention, but seldom satisfy our skepticism. According to the article, the psychology department at Yale studied many English language words and discovered the 15 most powerful words in advertising, especially when attempting to persuade or sell.

So, what’s wrong with that? A different online article cites these same 15 most powerful words but says the research was done at the University of California. It doesn’t say which campus, but at least in this case we know it wasn’t Yale.

We did our own search and couldn’t find anything that could confirm the Yale or UC version. We did find more identical lists which were attributed to writers, humorists, well-known Madison Avenue agencies, and so on.

What Are The 15 Words?

Free,… Continue reading

Wendy’s Can Show You A Few Things About Social Media

Because of social media, companies now have a level of constant transparency with their PR. They’re talking to their audience multiple times a day. We’ve added immediacy to a place that, in comparison, used to be few and far between.
Social media is a useful tool for companies to market themselves, advertise their products, and strengthen their public image. It’s perfect for engaging one-on-one with their audience, too. The driving factor behind social media is engagement. But what do you do when the competitor starts engaging their way in the middle of your marketing? 

How Wendy’s Is Making Headlines

Wendy’s set a precedent this year for how brands can settle beef with their competition. The social media world says they’re savage, and they’re beloved for it. Back in April, Wendy’s got feisty with Hardee’s, sister company of Carl’s Jr., over who has the best 4-for-$4 combo. “Just because… Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Facebook Live

It’s an understatement that social media is an invaluable tool to marketing your company. Having an online presence in today’s world is essential, and depending on your market, it can be the best option in reaching your target audience.

One of the most popular platforms is Facebook. Currently, it generates 8 billion video views a day. One feature that showed tremendous growth the past year, and helped increase Facebook video views by 94%, is Facebook Live. 

We recently attended a Facebook Live event hosted by the American Advertising Federation. Here’s a rundown on what we learned.

Facebook Live Serves More Purposes Than One

People often correlate Facebook Live with their personal experience; friends ranting about politics or showing off new purchases. But Facebook Live can be used for more than just fluff.

For instance, it’s obviously great for broadcasting live events, promotions, and sweepstakes. If you’re using Facebook to promote… Continue reading

Rethinking What We Know About Millennials

Millennials – it’s more than just a buzzword you’ve been hearing for the past ten years. They’re more than generation “me.” They’ve become the powerhouse generation. Their demands have provided solutions; their adaption to adulthood has changed the world.

There’s a running joke that Millennials kill industries. It’s true their habits have set some value on products and services, but it’s important to know the majority of these “dying” industries are luxury based. For instance, Millennials are not getting married and the diamond industry has slowed down. They’ve changed the way we work and their schedule doesn’t really allow for golf. They still don’t make enough to sail around the Caribbean. 

There’s a famous tweet from late last year that highlights the struggles of Millennials. “There should be a Millennial edition of Monopoly where you just walk around paying rent, never able to buy anything.” Understanding this is key to… Continue reading

Endorsements Versus Influencers

Celebrity endorsements have been around for some time, but a trending marketing strategy right now is influencer marketing. Its effectiveness has raised discussions among pundits. Some claim one works better than the other. But truthfully, what works best is what fits your brand or campaign.

The Fine Line Between Celebrity Endorsements And Influencer Marketing

When it comes down to it, some companies are limited to their selection of influencers. Take the underwear brand Hanes, not too many people specialize in wearing underwear. Having Michael Jordan as their celebrity endorsement is a great fit. Hanes bought Jordan’s face and fame, and associated it to their products. Although his entire career (read life) revolves around basketball, he’s not known for wearing underwear. But that doesn’t make the campaign any less effective.

Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s “Yule Log” is different from the Jordan Hanes mash up. It features Park and Recreation’s Nick… Continue reading

HyattWard Wins CUNA, American Advertising Federation Awards, And More

Our agency has been recognized with many national, regional and local awards over the 20 years we’ve been in business and campaigns we worked on in 2016 were no exception.

We took home a national CUNA (Credit Union National Association) Diamond Award. We’ve received national awards from the 34th Healthcare Advertising Awards which has more than 4,000 entries and the national 14th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards. We also took home multiple, local, American Advertising Federation awards.

Awards for creativity are not only a nice pat on the back. In fact, an estimated 75-to-80 percent of advertising campaigns that are recognized with creative awards have met or exceeded a client’s original goals. Good work goes hand-in-hand with good ROI.

Here is a list of the awards we took home this year. 

Altura Credit Union

  • -“March ARB Legacy Branch” American Advertising Federation’s Interior Design: Gold
  • -“Our Story” 14th Annual Service Industry Advertising… Continue reading

Not On Instagram? Consider Yourself Out Of The Loop

My friend Chuck caught me off guard last week in a conversation about the importance of companies building a social media presence. He asked me, “Instagram is dying, right?” The last time Chuck was on the platform, it was nothing more than #ManCrushMondays, cat owners making their cats look ridiculous, and an unhumbling regret that friends were eating better than you.

Instagram Has Evolved

That was nearly six years ago. Today, it’s the second largest social media site behind parent company, Facebook, which purchased Instagram in 2012. The platform has since received a plethora of updates like Instagram Stories, shoppable posts, and an algorithmic feed, which enriches the user experience and empowers branding.


Instagram surprised almost everyone in late 2016, when they announced their user base grew 50% over the six months prior to the announcement. As of today, they double Twitter’s monthly user base.

So Why The Growth?

Instagram… Continue reading

HyattWard’s Top 5 Ads Of The Year

Throughout the year we highlight several ads and campaigns from local and global companies. Usually we highlight based on the creative approach, the inspiration, or even what got people talking in person and on social media platforms. Here’s our top 5 ads of the year. 

#5. Audi’s “Daughter” from Venables Bell & Partners

The ad focuses on a race between children featuring an uncommon protagonist, a little girl. A voice over of her father asking himself questions about her future narrates her winning the race against her peers. The ad calls out the debated wage-gap amongst males and females in several industries.

#4. Apple’s “Earth” from TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Apple’s “Earth” is the most recent ad on our list, first airing during the NBA Finals. The spot takes audiences to several beautiful scenes around the world, all through the lens of an Apple iPhone.… Continue reading

Your Members And Prospects Are Online, Are You?

The founder of Ebay, Pierre Omidyar, once said, “ We have technology finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” So why aren’t people taking advantage of it? 

According to the 2017 Segmint Consumer Bank Marketing Report, an overwhelming number of those surveyed think their financial institution should provide information on products and services their bank or credit union offers. But only a small percentage feels that their financial institution comes through with clean and concise information that helps them reach their financial goals.

We reviewed the top national banks and local credit union websites. The information the people want is there. You’re providing it, but they’re not reading it.

Where’s The Disconnect?

There’s a problem with the way the industry thinks about being online. Many believe that a website and offering online and mobile… Continue reading

Marketing In The Dark

The English language’s greatest writer once wrote, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” And 400 years later an English owned firm compares women to… bottles of shampoo?

As we mentioned in one of our “Top Stories,” Dove has come under fire for the latest step in their Real Beauty campaign. The company, owned by UK conglomerate Unilever, designed a new line of beauty product bottles meant to reflect the shapes of…women. It didn’t exactly resonate with consumers. In fact, it’s inspired mockery. Jezebel, a website for women, said, “Dove is running out of ideas.”

Social media was deluged with criticism.

“I don’t identify myself with things in the shower.”

“I have arms. Please advise.”

“I hated my body but luckily I saw my body shape represented by a shampoo bottle and now I love myself.”

A college professor of advertising at the University of Illinois summed it up… Continue reading

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