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Modern Marketing Tastes Delicious (Especially with Milk)

Stale Oreo cookies aren’t very tasty. The same is true of marketing and Oreo had a marketing problem.

The cookie was first introduced in 1912 and Kraft had dunked it into an advertising rut. When Kraft handed off the cookie over to the newly-split-off Mondelez International, making the flagship brand into a relevant buzzword became a crucial step toward Mondelez’s success.

Real Time Content   

The first task was trying to get Oreo out of the kitchen and into the world. Rather than depending on television ads to tell the same tired story about families and friends coming together, Mondelez’s marketing team wanted something more compelling and dynamic.

The challenge of hooking a new audience and reeling back the new ones had a lot to do with consumer habits in the grocery store, specifically when they are waiting in line to check out. Rather than perusing the snacks and… Continue reading

Stinging With The Loss Of An Original “Influencer”

He was “The Greatest.” Muhammad Ali, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, died June 3rd, at the age of 74. His skills in the boxing ring were the stuff of legend. He won the heavyweight title three times and his bouts with Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman are considered some of the best in history. He was criticized for being brash, converting to Islam and vilified for refusing to be drafted during Vietnam. That changed. American society and the world would embrace him. He transcended the world of sports, became the most recognized human on the planet and one of the most beloved.

Boxing as Branding

Ali was also one of the first athletes to recognize his viability as a brand, and he became a genius at marketing.
He borrowed his boasting, egotistical style from the world of professional wrestling. His taunting of opponents, and pre-fight bravado… Continue reading

Getting by with a Little Help from Your Friends (and Influencers)

Twitter, the social media platform for sound bite lovers, is celebrating its tenth year. The evolution of the platform has been fascinating, evolving from idle chatter, into a must for breaking news, brand awareness, and marketing campaigns.

The Face of a Brand – NASA’s Friendly Lander

Perhaps one of the earliest marketing successes was achieved by NASA which gave the Phoenix Mars Lander (@MarsPhoenix) not just a Twitter account, but a personality. During the Lander’s five-month stint on Mars, NASA posted 605 entries on Twitter, and amassed an astounding 40,000 followers on the then fledgling Twitter.




Twitter followers watched as she landed, sublimated water, and ultimately said goodbye to her faithful tweeters when the sun could no longer support her solar-powered operations. Her last post left us wistful, but imagining meeting her again.

“So long, Earth. I’ll be here to greet the next explorers to arrive, be they… Continue reading

Say it with Advertising (Repeat it with Word of Mouth)

A strong brand backed with an effective advertising campaign can have a solid impact on attracting new clients and customers. However, some of the strongest members of your marketing team are you current customers.

Recently, RewardStream surveyed over 100 community bank and credit union marketers across North America in order to get their take on credit union marketing in 2016.

“The marketers who responded overwhelmingly agreed on the best marketing channel and the best method for attracting new members: word of mouth referrals, otherwise known as referral marketing.”

(Source: RewardStream)

Social media gives word of mouth momentum

Kimberly A. Whitler notes in an article on, that social media is not only an offshoot of word of mouth, but it is the future of it.

“The problem is that for the last few years, marketers have been focused on “collecting” instead of “connecting.” In other words, brands are… Continue reading

Commercial Wisdom

Within 24 hours of posting its “Wisdom” commercial on YouTube on April 17, 2014 Dodge had 5.7 million views.

It isn’t hard to see why. We think it’s a heartfelt and compelling celebration of Dodge’s 100th birthday. One of the reasons it’s so effective is because it isn’t just about a longstanding brand. It is about the people who shared the same century and how they have just as much horsepower, moxy, and well, wisdom as the American car manufacture with which they grew up and grew silver.

Wisdom goes viral

However, this wasn’t initially a commercial produced for the Superbowl. It was actually created for a much smaller audience. Dodge presented this now classic commercial during a 2014 New York International Auto Show press conference to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Then Dodge shared it on YouTube and broke the Internet. In less than one week after its April… Continue reading

HyattWard Shines in Healthcare Ad Awards!

There were over 3,700 entries received in the Thirty-Third Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards and we are thrilled to announce that HyattWard was one of the winners this year!

HyattWard received a Bronze award for our Medicare Open Enrollment Campaign for Riverside Physician Network.

The Healthcare Advertising Awards is the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare advertising awards competition and is also one of the ten largest of all advertising awards. Being acknowledged by the industry is validating, but it is even more exciting to know that our work is making an impact for our clients.

Advertising in the medical industry often takes a serious slant, but we thought perhaps our campaigns with Riverside Physician Network could be more playful. After all, medicine is all about people, and doctors are people with personality too. That was our pitch to Riverside Physician Network when we… Continue reading

A New (Virtual) Reality

Will Virtual Reality be the next Betamax or 3-D TV? Not according to advertising forecasts for the coming year. While not every new technology has sticking power, VR already has big brands clamoring to figure out how to make use of it in advertising.

According to HotwirePR:

As our customers demand more experiences and less linear communication, VR will become a key trend for 2016. The hardware will become pervasive as a result of the gaming and entertainment community, but it will be the content creators and communicators who ensure the platform bleeds into all walks of life, not just gamers.

Ad agencies around the world are testing the software and design of VR products to integrate advertising into the user experience. The goal for marketers and brands will be to steer clear of boring and traditional banner-like placements, which we’ve grown accustomed over the past… Continue reading

Does Age Really Matter?

Advertising loves Millennials. Brands have been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Millennials and yet, they are still struggling to crack the code on how to get the attention of the largest living generation.  Advertising to Millennials is tricky, as they tend to be savvy at determining what they truly want and depend on their social networks to make product decisions rather than on the shiniest advertising.

According to Daniel Newman in an article in Forbes:

[Millennials] want all of the above, but they don’t want it from a brand, necessarily – they want it from trusted sources – and who’s more trusted than their own social communities, and their social communities. And so on, and so on.

Traditional marketing will no longer cut it. In an age where information is shared instantaneously, the millennial generation is incredibly adept at filtering out everything except what they want.… Continue reading

May the Fourth Be With You (And Well-Advertised)

This last December, Subway, Jeep, Duracell, Verizon, Cover Girl, GoGurt, and other brands took advantage of release of the newest Star Wars movie in hopes of benefiting from the hype of the Walt Disney Co. film’s juggernaut franchise. There were hits and there were misses, but no one could miss that we were at the dawn of a new hope… or rather, an awakening of the force.

In honor of Star Wars Day — here are our top three favorite Star Wars themed ads.


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: “Can’t Play”


Toys”R”Us: “Like Father, Like Daughter”


Vern Fonk: May the Fonk Be with You

Okay, we cheated a little. This last one was produced by the team here at HyattWard, but it’s one of our favorites and we hope you liked it as well.

May the Fourth be with you!

Want more great insights from HyattWard Advertising?… Continue reading

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