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May the Fourth Be With You (And Well-Advertised)

This last December, Subway, Jeep, Duracell, Verizon, Cover Girl, GoGurt, and other brands took advantage of release of the newest Star Wars movie in hopes of benefiting from the hype of the Walt Disney Co. film’s juggernaut franchise. There were hits and there were misses, but no one could miss that we were at the dawn of a new hope… or rather, an awakening of the force.

In honor of Star Wars Day — here are our top three favorite Star Wars themed ads.


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: “Can’t Play”


Toys”R”Us: “Like Father, Like Daughter”


Vern Fonk: May the Fonk Be with You

Okay, we cheated a little. This last one was produced by the team here at HyattWard, but it’s one of our favorites and we hope you liked it as well.

May the Fourth be with you!

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