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May 11, 2012

To whom it may concern,

As a Marketing Specialist for Lockheed Federal Credit Union I have worked with multiple advertising agencies on individual campaigns and projects. I’ve found that most agencies have a particular strength. Some are exceptionally creative. Some bring invaluable research to the table. Some are flexible, easy to work with. Some never miss a deadline. Some produce consistent results. One agency I’ve been working with manages to do all of that.

I have worked with HyattWard Advertising for several years on direct mail campaigns. We tell HyattWard the product we’re promoting, some generalities on a theme, and they take it from there. They deliver different concepts for us to select from, do the art, write the copy, create promotional sweepstakes, and get things done at the speed we need. HyattWard has created some of the best, most effective campaigns we’ve run. Their pricing is very competitive. The ROI has been excellent, and we’ve consistently exceeded goals — in one case by 400%.

HyattWard’s experience with financial institutions is of great benefit. There was no learning curve when it came to our industry and they developed a quick understanding of our brand.

On July 9th Lockheed Federal Credit Union will become Logix. This will help expand our outreach and attract new members. I know that we’ll continue to create successful campaigns under the new name. To that end, we will continue our relationship with HyattWard Advertising. It is the logical choice







Ryan Kugler

Marketing Specialist

Lockheed Federal Credit Union

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