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November 23, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Senior Marketing Specialist for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, part of the Loma Linda University Medical center family, I often work with agencies to conceptualize and facilitate original pieces for various events and projects. It is refreshing to come across a creative, professional agency that not only meets, but exceeds, expectations. This is most certainly the case with HyattWard Advertising.

One such project was the design of collateral for our 2010 gala. I had heard of HyattWard for quite some time through the accolades of a printer we both use. After an initial discussion and proposal phase, which was handled very efficiently, I chose to entrust them with this project. The gala is the largest and most important fundraising event on our calendar. What made this particular project a challenge was that a theme, in the form of a tagline, had already been selected and there were other set-in-stone particulars. HyattWard was able to play within our parameters and come up with a concept that simply knocked our sock off.

Our 2010 gala collateral features children, alive today because of a heart transplant or life saving surgery at our hospital. The Hyatt “take: was to use photographs of these special patients and then add drawings of things emblematic of what these children want to be when they grow up. From a baseball player to princess, the point is driven home that these children were given a chance to dream about a tomorrow. The emotional design Hyatt created manages to be sweet without being saccharine, and our message gently tugs at the heart, the head, and the wallet, fulfilling every fundraising requirement.

The creative professionals at HyattWard embraced this project. They helped us at the photo shoot, they helped with the copy, and they stayed true to the schedule. I was left with one overall impression and I plan to work with them again. I’m not sure I can think of a better recommendation than that.


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Kelly R. Jackson

Senior Marketing Specialist

Department of Marketing & Public Relations

Loma Linda University Medical Center

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