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June 1, 2012

To whom it may concern,

A little over three years ago, Riverside Physician Network was a successful IPA but our advertising projected a brand image that was — to be kind — outdated. I knew this at the time, but change is difficult, and Boards of Directors can be tough to persuade. We tend not to rock the boat, even when it’s run aground. It was three years ago that HyattWard came on board. It’s been smooth sailing since then. Don’t worry; I’m done with the nautical references.

Our 25 year old IPA desperately needed a facelift, a re-branding. I had a healthy skepticism regarding agencies but HyattWard brought everything necessary to the table; research, experience, and a creative flair that resulted in a dramatic evolution of our brand. This was no cookie cutter approach, but an imaginative modernizing of our identity.

Our new corporate identity included a new logo, tagline, a vibrant new color palette and a style guide to help us internally. It was HyattWard that made the sage suggestion we stop using RPN and market ourselves as Riverside Physician Network. That simple move has helped better define what we do, and underscored our connection to Riverside.

The bulk of our efforts have involved billboards and print ads. The billboard campaign HyattWard created has increased awareness, helped with physician retention and recruitment, and has garnered us some rather prestigious awards. We recently received Gold at the national Healthcare Advertising Awards in Atlanta, the second time we’ve been recognized there. We also received Gold at this year’s local American Advertising Federation event. Awards like these are recognition of good work, a validation of choices and they happen to look great on display in my office.

I am more than happy with the partnership we’ve built with HyattWard. They are a wonderful source of creativity and sound marketing advice. If your company is an IPA or does business in the medical industry, I highly recommend them. If you are in competition with us, kindly disregard this letter.



Howard Saner


Riverside Physician Network

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