Media Placement

HyattWard Advertising offers media placement as one its services. While separate from the creative side of the agency, a great deal of creativity goes into placement recommendations and negotiations. HyattWard Advertising has placed and managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets, and budgets that start in the low five-figures.

Should your company be on television, on radio, or in print? Do you need a billboard, and if so, where should it be? Is the Internet enough? How much do you need to spend to be effective? These are the kinds of questions we will answer.


Services include:

  • Television Placement – Buying
  • Radio Placement – Buying
  • Billboard/Outdoor Advertising Placement – Buying
  • Print Ad Placement – Buying
  • Digital Placement
  • Nielsen Ratings
  • Arbitron Ratings
  • Newspaper and Magazine Circulation
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Budget Negotiations
  • ROI
  • Project Management

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