Honest Advertising Slogans


Honest Advertising Slogans


Every successful brand has a logo and slogan. What if those logos and slogans were brutally honest? Graphic designer, Clif Dickens, took on the challenge to recreate popular brands’ logos with his own alternative, yet somewhat truthful take.




You can see more of Dicken’s honest slogans here. 






Top 5 Ads For Mom

Mother’s Day is a special time for many to celebrate mom, maternal figures, and the impact motherhood has on our lives. It’s common for companies to have campaigns around holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day, but for some brands, Mother’s Day is an opportunity they can’t afford to pass up. Check out our top five favorite ads celebrating mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!


Cardstore – World’s Toughest Job


Teleflora – One Tough Mother


Budweiser – Mother’s Day Tribute: This Bud’s For The Real MVP


 P&G – Thank You, Mom


A little bonus for all the dads out there!


BMW – Mother-in-Law

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