How Colors Influence The Way We Think

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How Colors Influence The Way We Think

The psychology of color is an interesting and complex topic. Certain colors give off different vibes and make people feel certain ways. For instance, yellow is considered the happiest color in the spectrum. It gives a feeling of energy, optimism, and joy. Where people get these impressions of color is based off past experiences, their culture, childhood, and even personal preferences. The psychology of color is an unconscious phenomenon. Color can influence more than the way we think, but even how we feel about a brand.

Influencing Through Color

A brand’s color says a lot about the company. Typically, a logo is the second impression someone has of a company. The company’s name being first. Within the logo can be words, a picture, and of course colors. Those colors are influential. Most companies in the financial, medical or tech industries have blue, or have a dominant shade or tone of… Continue reading

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