What Makes An Effective Ad

Effective advertising

What Makes An Effective Ad

The success of an ad and the effectiveness of an ad are two different things. Success is a more linear observation. Was the end result worth more than the initial investment, and did the campaign meet certain goals? If yes, the ad should be considered a success. ROI and all that jazz are marketing 101, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of that. So, the question becomes, what makes an effective ad? We’ve narrowed our criteria down into three simple principles.

An Effective Ad Stands Out

Advertising and psychology have always gone hand-in-hand. From using eye-catching visuals and clever headlines, there are multiple ways to grab the attention of a person. Once you have that attention, there are really two ways you can get the message across. A simple, direct approach typically focuses on facts and appeals to logic. The other way relies more on connecting with… Continue reading

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