The 7 Tricks Of Food Advertising

Food Advertising

The 7 Tricks Of Food Advertising

Last time you picked up some food, more than likely it didn’t look like the ad. Before you go taking it out on the staff, you’ll want to know the truth – the food you order will rarely look like the food that’s being advertised. That’s because what’s being advertised isn’t what you’re really ordering. Sometimes the food in the ad isn’t even edible. Advertisers use tricks to make products more attractive and photo shoots easier. For instance, a company will skip the 8 hours of prep time for a Thanksgiving turkey shoot. Instead, they’ll take 10 minutes and a few tricks to make the best looking bird you’ve ever seen.


A good breakfast ad always features a large stack of juicy, fluffy pancakes. But when you order them, they typically lack the kick the original advertisement sold you on. Cardboard is added between each cake to make the… Continue reading

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