RESPECT To The Legend: A Tribute To Aretha Franklin


RESPECT To The Legend: A Tribute To Aretha Franklin

It’s been a year of hard goodbyes and farewells to celebrities and music icons. The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is one of the latest to be laid to rest.
Many know Franklin for her jaw dropping and eruptive presence through the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Her energy and passion will ultimately define that era of R&B, soul, and the gospel, if not the genres themselves. Her impact is rivaled by none, but what many don’t know about Franklin was her influence in the advertising industry. She worked with companies like Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, and many others over the past 50 years. While you may be bingeing on her top hits, see just how creative the Queen of Soul really was here.

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Endorsements Versus Influencers

Celebrity endorsements have been around for some time, but a trending marketing strategy right now is influencer marketing. Its effectiveness has raised discussions among pundits. Some claim one works better than the other. But truthfully, what works best is what fits your brand or campaign.

The Fine Line Between Celebrity Endorsements And Influencer Marketing

When it comes down to it, some companies are limited to their selection of influencers. Take the underwear brand Hanes, not too many people specialize in wearing underwear. Having Michael Jordan as their celebrity endorsement is a great fit. Hanes bought Jordan’s face and fame, and associated it to their products. Although his entire career (read life) revolves around basketball, he’s not known for wearing underwear. But that doesn’t make the campaign any less effective.

Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s “Yule Log” is different from the Jordan Hanes mash up. It features Park and Recreation’s Nick… Continue reading

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