Three Keys To A Successful Campaign


Three Keys To A Successful Campaign

There are several aspects that contribute to a campaign’s success. In order to determine if a campaign is successful, success itself needs to be somewhat defined. It can be a goal that’s direct, such as wanting to increase membership by 3% or specific product sales by 2%. That said, success can often leave itself to be broad, in the sense end results are not defined or comparable to a previous quarter. For example, a brand awareness campaign may not aim for immediate sales but something else for a future push.

No matter what, success should be defined before going in. If it isn’t, a campaign could have no direction and essentially be left shooting in the dark, and like Steuart Henderson Britt once said, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

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Changing How We Think About Digital Advertising

Companies, marketers, and advertisers demand change from YouTube and Google’s digital advertising services, such as banners and pre-roll video ads. Some have already packed their bags and are looking into other options. Industry pundits are calling it a digital revolution.

Brands Increase Social Awareness

You can open any social media platform, turn to nearly any channel on television or YouTube, and you’ll realize that everyone is becoming more socially aware and outspoken on overarching issues in society. Now more than ever, consumers are choosing their products based on a company’s reputation. Companies are pulling their advertising budgets from platforms, websites, and news sources that don’t reflect their image.


Recently, YouTube and Google have been making headlines for putting advertisements next to content that promotes illicit behavior or offensive material. Unfortunately, the biggest losers are influencers on YouTube and various websites that produce content within their niche, rather than the… Continue reading

Hacked: Is Your Company Prepared For A Data Breach

Here’s an ad-age for you. There are two types of companies; those who have been hacked, and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked. This is a twist of words by Dmitri Alperovitch, a renowned computer security researcher, inspired from a statement by former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III.

It’s the era of hacking. Target had a breach back in 2014 that left 70 million shoppers’ personal information out in the open. That same year, one-billion Yahoo accounts were compromised, leaving consumers’ telephone numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information open to exploitation. It took Yahoo two years to either figure out they were hacked, or to let the public know. The two scenarios are still debated a year after confirmation.

Adopting Measures To Increase Security

We’re not IT experts. We’re not going to read an article, rehash it, and tell you to forward specific ports, or to buy the latest server… Continue reading

Building And Retaining Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is vital to a company’s longevity. Building brand loyalty may differ from industry to industry, but there is a common set of values found in each approach. Implementation may differ, but the core mindsets are similar.

Why Should Consumers Choose You?

When it comes down to it, no matter if you’re a credit union, health provider, or an educational institution, the reality is that your competitors are offering similar, if not the same, products you offer. There may be some minor differences, such as rates or premiums, but from a consumer’s viewpoint, the products are the same. Influencing them to choose you comes down to getting that first experience and retaining it from there on out.

Creating Trust Through Experience

In order to create that first experience, and hopefully you aim for it to be a positive one, you need to be seen as an expert in the… Continue reading

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